There is so much functionality with AccuRx – learn about it here

Here is the latest 21 minute video on all you need to know about AccuRx!!

00:00 – Introduction and Setting Up The AccuRx Toolbar
01:15 – Sending SMS Text To Patients
02:00 – Setting SMS Templates
03:15 – Delay Settings for SMS
03:40 – Attaching A File To SMS Messages
04:40 – Allowing Patients To Respond To SMS Messages
08:10 – Scheduling SMS with AccuRx Pathways
09:30 – Sending Questionnaires with AccuRx Florey
11:45 – COVID Review Questionnaires with AccuRx Florey
16:00 – Video Consultations From AccuRx
18:55 – Secure EMails from AccuRx

There was also a webinar on AccuRx in March 2020 where the features were discussed – watch here:

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  1. Excellent presentation, easy to understand. The visuals are a good way of learning and understanding. Thank you.

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