How To Install SmartCard Software

To install and get your NHS smartcard to work on your laptop, follow this guide.

If you want to watch a video guide instead Dr Asad Ashraf has put this excellent video together:

0:00 – setting up the VPN software token
3:20 – installing the VPN software token
6:30 – installing EMIS Web
9:00 – installing AccuRx
10:30 – installing the smartcard software
15:30 – running and testing
17:10 – running AccuRx

If you want to follow a written guide here are the steps:

Install the smartcard software

To do this you need to be logged into N3
AND have admin access rights on your PC

First download the Gemalto middleware software
There are different files here – a 64 bit one and a 32 bit one.

Generally the 64 bit one is the one you need if you are installing onto Windows 10:

If you need the older 32 bit one (eg for non Windows 10 machines), it is here:

During this installation, if you get an error related to .NET framework follow these steps and then reinstall – otherwise, if it installs jump down to installing the NHS Identity Agent.

To resolve the .NET framework error go to the search bar at the bottom left of the screen and type in “Windows Features”:

Then click turn windows features on or off

Then tick the boxes relating to .NET framework

Once you’ve done this then try reinstalling the Gemalto software from the above links.

Once you’ve installed the Gemalto reader you then need to install the NHS Identity Agent – you can download this here:

This should then allow you to restart the PC and then use your smartcard.

If you need to have the OMNIKey driver – which should automatically load – but if you run into errors, it can be found here:

4 thoughts to “How To Install SmartCard Software”

  1. Dear Osman

    We are having issues with installing on a Windows 11 laptop and resolving the .NET Framework error causes another error – 0x800F0922

    We have tried to follow the steps to resolve this error but the information is only for Windows 10 and I’m not sure it relates to Windows 11 as it’s not working.

    Any advice please?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Try this in Windows 11:
      – Search for “Optional features” in the start search bar
      – Scroll down (to the bottom usually) to “More windows features”
      – Make sure that the check box is next to “.NET framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)
      Hope that works!

  2. Completed the above, but reader failing to read card? It starts the process, but hangs for a while then says cannot connect to server?

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