Installing EMIS

This guide will take you through how to install EMIS Web

If you want to watch a video guide instead Dr Asad Ashraf has put this excellent video together:

0:00 – setting up the VPN software token
3:20 – installing the VPN software token
6:30 – installing EMIS Web
9:00 – installing AccuRx
10:30 – installing the smartcard software
15:30 – running and testing
17:10 – running AccuRx

If you want to follow a written guide here are the steps:

To install EMIS Web yourself on your device these are the steps you need to first check on your PC.

You have Windows 10 and Microsoft office installed

Log on to the N3 network using your software or hardware token

Install EMIS Web by downloading EMIS Health Installer – you can download it from EMISNow – you will need to register on this site and have a password:

Alternatively, contact Egton (0845 125 5530) – you will need your organisation CDB number.

When you run the installer, enter your EMIS Organisation ID eg 1234 and then leave the rest of the settings as is.

Then click install

This can take 20-30 minutes to install

When this is complete, you will have the EMIS Web icon on your desktop that you can then click to launch EMIS

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    1. check with the cyber team it could be blocked on the proxy server esp if they’ve updated it to a new one

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