Productivity with EMIS Web – Tip 1

Are you getting frustrated with EMIS Web slowing down?

If so, you’re not the only ones! Lots are finding it an issue from slow processes to frequent crashes.
I’ve started to collate some solutions to this problem and will be posting them regularly when I come across some solutions. The first tip is what hardware is optimal!

The right hardware is important to ensure that the system does not crash often – and that EMIS Web runs smoothly.

Having used a few combinations of hardware, the most bang for buck seems to be having a SSD hard drive – this speeds up processes considerably – added to this you need to ensure that there is enough space on the drive! Click here to clean up the PC to ensure you have enough space!

As well as ensuring that the disk image is focused on not being too bloated, RAM is also important – the more the better here too – BUT don’t be fooled into thinking that memory errors can be solved by just adding more RAM – we’ve tried this – it does not work! The main ssue for memory crashes is that EMIS Web runs in it’s own memory space and if that memory space is exceeded then a crash occurs – this is down to poor EMS Web coding – but to be fair to EMIS, this is something that they have been focusing on a lot more recently so hopefully we should be seeing less of these with each update.

So the ideal spec? Well, if, like me, you are thinking about the best spec to scale across several practices without breaking the bank – this is my recommendation:
– i5 processor (or equivalent)
– SSD Hard drive
– 16Gb RAM

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