Setting Up Software VPN

This will go through installing the software VPN

If you want to watch a video guide instead Dr Asad Ashraf has put this excellent video together:

0:00 – setting up the VPN software token
3:20 – installing the VPN software token
6:30 – installing EMIS Web
9:00 – installing AccuRx
10:30 – installing the smartcard software
15:30 – running and testing
17:10 – running AccuRx

If you want to follow a written guide here are the steps:

Step 1

Download and install the MobilePass application

This can be done on a smartphone or onto Windows itself.
I have found it easier through the smartphone:

Android link here:

iOS link here:

The full list is here to download and install the MobilePass application
(Note: do not install direct onto a Mac – If you use a Mac install Parallels and Windows)

Step 2

Once downloaded find the email that was sent with the self enrolment details.
If you installed the App on your phone, click through on your phone and you can download this guide to complete the installation on your phone.

and if you installed onto your PC then click through the link on your PC.

This will then open the Mobile Pass App

Click “Enrol”

You will then be asked to set up a one time passcode – this is for you to remember!

Step 3

In the Mobile App Create a token name – eg “My VPN” and then set a PIN that only you will remember.

Step 4

You will then be able to access your secure PIN from the App:


IF you do not have the VPN set up, then the following additional steps would be required to download and install the Cicso Anyconnect software.

Step 5

Download the AnyConnect Software – if you have previous versions you will need to uninstall and then reinstall this:

Go through the installation (you require admin rights to do this)

Step 6

When complete run the Cisco Anyconnect program and you will see this:

Ensure that the selection is “Redcentric Remote Access Service” and then click Connect

Step 7

You will then see the connection box:

Here your username is as you have been informed which is usually in the form

When you want to log in to the VPN please noet that your username will be in the form:

And the password is the 6 digit token that you would have created earlier on the Mobile Pass App.

You should now be connected to the HSCN network


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  1. Hi.Dr.Bhatti
    Very well presented
    A few questions
    1. Are you teaching this installation on a normal lap top or ccg configured one ?
    2. Is there any risk of GDPR if downloaded on personal laptop with all the specs mentioned or does it have to be configured
    Many Thanks

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